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Tom Green is a consultant, author, and leading commentator in the robotics, AI and automation industries. He founded AsianRoboticsReview.com to report on the remarkable efflorescence of technology now bursting forth in Asia. In his words, AsianRoboticsReview.com chronicles “two simple yet powerful Asian-centric transformations: 1. The rapid transformation of Asia’s industry and economy driven by exponential advances in robotics and robot-driven automation; and 2. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, with Asia as its epicenter.” Tom’s interviews with robotics luminaries are not to be missed, and we highly recommend his report on his recent conversation with Dr. Djitt Laowattana (The Godfather).

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DroneCare is a subscription service offered by San Francisco-based Aero Systems West (ASW). The service offers industrial grade multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAS, training, long-term support, maintenance, upgrades and accident protection. Aero Systems West will provide end-to-end drone package delivery working with Drone Delivery Systems and Air Box Technology.

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Chloe Taylor of CNBC reported this week that Britain’s army will invest $44 million by year’s end in a fleet of tiny drones that can fit in your hand. The investment is an initiative to increase the robotics capabilities of the British military. Funding will come from a £66 million cash injection from the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence.

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In a DefenseOne.com report by Paulina Glass and contributing editor Patrick Tucker, it was noted that the pistol-packing Russian humanoid robot, FEDOR, has been abandoned by Western parts suppliers following a YouTube video that went viral.

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Our satellites are among the most sophisticated of the robotics systems created by humanity. Countless commercial and military organizations depend on satellite constellations that orbit Earth. What if all of our satellites, and those of allied countries, were targeted for destruction in a future war? Conservative journalist Mark Levin, whose programs on Blaze TV we highly recommend, has dedicated a sobering episode to the topic of space war. Mark highlights China’s aggressive posture in this context and the current lack of preparedness of the U.S. and its allies. This is a must-see presentation.

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