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One of the charmers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas (CES) was a new robot from Aeolus that can not only clean floors but also accomplish the legendary mission of household robots: it can fetch a beverage from your refrigerator and hand it to you. Aeolus is a global company with offices in San Francisco and Taipei City, and it has formidable credentials – over 100 engineers on staff and decades of experience, including “conceiving and managing the historic Watson AI project.”
“This is the first multi-functional robot that can act like a human being,” said Alexander Huang, Global chief executive of Aeolus Robotics. “Right now it’s like a child, but we will continue to grow its capability so that it grows from a child to an adult. The more people that use the robot, the stronger it becomes.”

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As recently announced by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, “AUVSI's Startup Showdown is back for the third year and is better than ever! The Startup Showdown is your opportunity to present your new innovations to investors and the unmanned systems community.” Please note that the deadline for enrolling is Friday, January 26!

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The IEEE recently published three standards for consideration in the development of ethically sound automated systems employing artificial intelligence (AI). Given the rapidly emerging presence of AI in the Internet of Things (IoT) and across the board, these principles offer timely, relevant guidance to those designing automated systems and related applications.

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It was reported by TheHill.com that two recently publicized computer chip hardware vulnerabilities are causing grave security concerns to corporations, educational institutions, online associations of all types and even governments, across the board. These vulnerabilities are said to give hackers opportunities to access confidential information from “virtually all modern computing devices, ranging from computers to smartphones to cloud infrastructure.”

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The “world’s first smart policing robot” was launched on December 29 in Hyderabad, India. Named “Smart Robo Cop,” the humanoid was developed by Indian firm H-Bots Robotics and assembled from parts sourced within India. Designed to work with city security systems, it is expected to be deployed by July 2018. Smart Robo Cop can recognize and interact with people.

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