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Latest Robotics News


As reported by C4ISRnet.com, DARPA has successfully controlled drone swarms in the face of intensive jamming in what is characterized as denied or contested airspace. Interestingly, the goal of DARPA’s Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment (CODE) program the test was “for CODE’s human operator to monitor the swarm without micromanaging it, and instead to allow the autonomous drones to improvise and adjust as they pursue their mission.”

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A completely silent fixed wing aircraft with a roughly 5-meter wingspan recently flew for 16 seconds across a distance of 60 meters just feet above the wooden floor in a spacious sports gym at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ion wind propulsion technology (aka “electroaerodynamic thrust”) has been discussed since the 1920s—but only now have converging technologies permitted a practical test.

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As reported by the AUVSI daily ebrief, Belarus’ Belspetsvneshtekhnika (BSVT) has developed an unmanned combat ground vehicle (UCGV) for export. The robot is named the Self-Propelled Robotized System (SPRS) “Berserk” and can operate singly, or in a team. Jane’s notes it can undertake a 24-hour patrol along pre-programmed routes while tracking objects of interest. It is equipped with (2) color cameras and (2) thermal imagers for day/night operations, and has a top speed of 5 km/h. It carries (2) 4-barrelled 7.62mm GShG Miniguns that are said to be able to hit airborne targets moving at up to 300 Km/h at 1 km distance.

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The tech is developed by Chinese search engine Sogou and the Xinhua News Agency.

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The Marines want an unmanned vehicle capable of keeping up with its rifle squad and conducting squad resupply to unburden the grunt. A Request For Information recently posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website keeps options open, telling interested industry partners that the mode could be a “robotic applique” on existing systems, a remote-controlled vehicle or a fully autonomous transport.

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