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On 14 September 2019, relatively inexpensive drones were used to disable 5% of the world’s oil supply in an attack on the state-owned Saudi Aramco oil processing facilities in eastern Saudi Arabia. A new form of low-cost but technically sophisticated drone warfare was upon us. In a study released today, the National Robotics Education Foundation (NREF) reviews major players developing counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) weapons. C-UAS systems are being urgently deployed to protect our municipal buildings, stadiums, airports, universities and commercial businesses from drone attacks whether by individual machines or massive drone swarms.

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In a significant consolidation of robotics and AI media on December 5th, Robotics Business Review (RBR) and RoboBusiness were acquired by B2B online publisher WTWH Media. RBR is a major online outlet in the robotics and AI arena with a significant readership comprised of industry marketing executives, robotics professionals, educators, researchers, military and law enforcement, and dedicated hobbyists. RoboBusiness is a major annual trade show event that has been held by RBR for many years.

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Boston Dynamics just announced, yesterday, Spot Release 1.1! This dog-like robot performs data collection, infrastructure monitoring, hazmat inspections and can be used in dangerous missions such as disposal of IEDs. Other applications include security and even package delivery. Boston Dynamics states it is prioritizing business customers, so hobbyists note, Spot is not at this time being marketed to consumers as a robot pet.

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Benjamin Minick of the International Business Times (IBT) reported earlier this month that Boeing plans to fly an unmanned fighter jet in 2020 that is piloted by artificial intelligence (AI). His headline included the statement: “Battle For The Skies Set To Change Forever”. Plans are underway to adopt the new platform to fly as a wingman. It, reportedly, also may be used to fly solo in independent missions.

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The Army Research Laboratory on May 29 published footage of soldiers scrambling through an urban training exercise site at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland with 22-pound M249 and 25-pound M240B machine guns affixed to the end of their harnesses. This was a step up from the 20-lb defensive shield tested last year. One sergeant using the third arm with a carbine "dove into a prone fighting position from a sprint ... [and] the Third Arm provided immediate stabilization to improve marksmanship for the soldier."

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