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Latest Robotics News


Robotiq.com reported that the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor mounted on a Universal Robots arm has enabled the automation of the grueling glass polishing process at the Saint-Gobain factory in France, creating a safer workplace and increasing productivity. The traditional glass polishing approach had caused repetitive movement health issues, but this problem was solved by the addition of the sensor & robot arm combination, which took over polishing tasks. The combination paid for itself within one year and instead of replacing workers, reportedly expanded employee work opportunities.

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MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), with Harvard University’s Wyss Institute, have created powerful hydraulic muscles that are an example of biomimetic “soft robots” that mimic designs that occur in nature. In this instance we see a similarity to the biomechanical functionality of spiders; Arachnids use pressure differential to extend and retract their legs. The efficiency and power of these soft robotic muscles is considered to be a breakthrough.

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This paper by William G. Lovell presents a design framework for robots that entails use of 6-axis arms, i.e., arms with six degrees of freedom (DoF). These arms move end effectors from A to B and are distinguished by their individual payloads, which make the arms unique. In this paper, Lovell, CEO and Senior Engineer at c-Link Systems, proposes a design construct called the “Omni Chassis.” This type of vehicle can carry different payloads (different functioning end effectors) on a 6-wheeled or tracked mobile body.

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The Silver Swan was designed and built by James Cox in London in the early 1770’s. The beauty and precision of this exquisite 18th century robot represents the craftsmanship, artistry and engineering skills of both an accomplished jeweler, and that of a clock maker, and this robot plays music as well. Could anyone with today’s technology produce anything close to this engineering masterpiece that is also robotic art?

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Our friends at Robot Village are offering approximately 150 primo robot domain names for sale! We advise interested viewers to be proactive as these domain names are available for purchase at this time.

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