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Latest Robotics News


At the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction (HRI) last month, roboticists from the University of Washington in Seattle presented a paper entitled “Characterizing the Design Space of Rendered Robot Faces.” Researchers looked at 157 different robot faces, using 76 evaluation dimensions, and statistically analyzed the results.

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Pittsburgh-based RE2 Robotics announced a “Rapid Airfield Damage Recovery Robotic System” under a new U.S. Air Force contract. The system is a drop-in kit that converts a traditional construction vehicle into an unmanned remotely controlled (teleoperated) vehicle.

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NASA is looking at robot “bumblebees” that will be used to explore and map local areas on mars in advance of human visitors. The concept robot bee shown may not illustrate the very large wings that would be used on a flying robot designed to fly in the very thin Martian atmosphere. This concept prototype, named “Marsbee,” is one of 25 of the latest NASA-funded NIAC Awards for 2018.

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As robots proliferate, we encounter them more and more often in our daily routines. This Knightscope K5 was recently spotted by Thomas Marsh, director of business developments and insights at Broadridge, in Terminal B at LaGuardia International Airport. Marsh noted it was kind of interesting to see this nearly 400-pound robot rolling around “collecting sounds and video for your security.”

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Attend the Smart Manufacturing Experience conference, April 30 – May 2, 2018, at the Boston Convention Center, Boston, MA, to learn how Big Data, smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the way companies work, innovate and do business. Real-world case studies will show how leading companies are increasing productivity using robotics and related transformative technologies.
Keynotes will explore how Big Data, smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence (AI) are enhancing the way leading firms work, innovate and do business. Speakers from Twitter, Microsoft, GE Ventures, MIT and other innovation centers will explore how these transformative technologies are changing the face of business.

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