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As reported by C4ISRNET, U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis offered some comments on Feb. 17 on the nature of combat and on the role of AI. As for the “fundamental” nature of comment, Mattis commented that “It’s equipment, technology, courage, competence, integration of capabilities, fear, cowardice — all these things mixed together into a very fundamentally unpredictable fundamental nature of war,” Mattis explained... “The fundamental nature of war is almost like H20, ok? You know what it is.”
In response to a question on the impact of AI on the nature of war might be, C4ISRNET reported that Mattis responded: “I’m certainly questioning my original premise that the fundamental nature of war will not change. You’ve got to question that now. I just don’t have the answers yet.” He continued: “The character of war changes all the time. An old dead German [Carl von Clausewitz] called it a ‘chameleon.’ He said it changes to adapt to its time, to the technology, to the terrain, all these things.”

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The UAS PILOTS CODE (UASPC) offers recommendations to advance flight and ground safety, airmanship, and professionalism. It presents a set of recommended practices—a vision of excellence—to help UAS pilots interpret and apply standards and regulations, and to confront the real world challenges to avoid mishaps. It is designed to help UAS pilots develop standard operating procedures, effective risk management, safety management systems, and to encourage UAS pilots to consider themselves aviators and participants in the broader aviation community.

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As stated by Walter O’Brien, CEO of Scorpion Computer Services, whose AI system runs and protects the Army’s UAV operations: “Now I have an AI protecting the data center, and now the enemy would have to have an AI to attack my AI, and now it’s which AI is smarter…”

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As we head into Drone symposium season, sUAS News is pleased to announce that we will be presenting the sixth annual SUSB Expo. Way back in 2013, few believed that there was a commercial interest for drones. We knew better and launched a live event where industry professionals and our readers can network and discuss the business of drones.

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TRB's Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) has released a draft document titled, "Managing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in the Vicinity of Airports" that provides guidance for airport operators and managers to manage UAS operations and related activities in and around airports.

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