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The 2022 mission of the ExoMars programme will deliver a European rover, Rosalind Franklin, and a Russian surface platform, Kazachok, to the surface of Mars. A Proton rocket will be used to launch the mission, which will arrive at Mars after a nine-month journey. The ExoMars rover will travel across the Martian surface to search for signs of life. It will collect samples with a drill and analyse them with next-generation instruments.

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Carnegie Mellon University
For immediate release
March 25, 2020

Pandemic Response Requires “Dull, Dirty, Dangerous” Jobs Suited For Robots
PITTSBURGH—Robots could perform some of the “dull, dirty and dangerous” jobs associated with combating the COVID-19 pandemic, but that would require many new capabilities not currently being funded or developed, an editorial in the journal Science Robotics argues. The editorial, published today and signed by leading academic researchers including Carnegie Mellon University’s Howie Choset, said robots conceivably could perform such tasks as disinfecting surfaces, taking temperatures of people in public areas or at ports of entry, providing social support for quarantined patients, collecting nasal and throat samples for testing, and enabling people to virtually attend conferences and exhibitions.

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The new NASA Mars rover, Perseverance, is being prepared for a launch to the red planet in the July-August window and will search for alien life. NASA staff are working hard to achieve this launch timeframe while taking all necessary precautions mandated in response to the coronavirus pandemic. If the launch misses the summer flight window, it will be bumped to 2022, as was the ESA/Russian ExoMars rover. As planned, a summer launch will see Perseverance land in February 2021 in Mars’s 45-kilometer-wide Jezero Crater.

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SAN DIEGO, CA, March 12, 2020 – Planck Aerosystems, Inc. (Planck Aero) was awarded a contract from the United States Air Force Research Lab for the development of guidance, navigation, and control solutions for small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) operating in challenging environments.

The contract was the result of the most recent solicitation from the Air Force’s Open Innovation topics of the competitive awards-based Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR), which is designed to enable small businesses to explore their technological potential and provides the incentive to profit from its commercialization.

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Just announced: “While schools across the United States are closed for self-quarantine and travel-based conventions have been cancelled, we’re inviting educators to participate in a hands-on opportunity to learn about microcontrollers and robotics — totally free, from the comfort of your home! This is your time to pick up an entire STEM curriculum!”

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