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At the Xponential 2018 show in Denver, CO, renowned German engine manufacturer3W, https://3w-modellmotoren.de/?lang=en, introduced a new single cylinder as well as a 2-cylinder piston engine to illustrate new power-plant customization options for far ranging unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Options enable the operator to set engine performance characteristics to best match real world conditions. 3W also exhibited a full line of internal combustion 2-stroke engines, from 35cc up through 370cc.

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In an article published in the June 2018 issue of The Atlantic, Dr. Henry Kissinger summarizes, in a fascinating and sweeping essay, the several stages of technological innovation in human history, moving from the age of religion to that of reason, then to the ideological obsessions of the 20th century, and then to the present. He looks at the recent AI developments that have seen computers defeat the best human players of the ancient board game, Go. He concludes humanity is unprepared for the coming technological plunge into all things AI.

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HitecRCD, www.HitecRCD.com, is an industry-leading provider of radio control (RC) radios, servos, and chargers that has been a provider of affordable, high-quality, innovative consumer RC products for the hobby and other markets since its beginnings in 1983.
In 2017, the company created a new division, Hitec Commercial Solutions, www.hitecnology.com, to service industrial actuator markets. Several new products developed by Hitec for commercial markets were shown at the recent Xponential 2018 conference and trade show on all things robotics in Denver, CO. These included new actuators, electronics accessories and, notably, the new XENO FX fixed wing drone that provides extensive aerial survey data using a variety of sensors – for customers in multiple business markets.

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At the recent Xponential 2018 show in Denver, iSENSYS showed a full suite of air, land and sea machines, including Polaris dune buggies and a modified helicopter as well as a jetski, all of which were target drones for gunnery and related targeting practice. The large black unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) had a faceted surface with embedded sensors in the facets. This drone reports where it was hit by incoming fire and the angle and force of the impact, providing important feedback to military developers.

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At the recent Xponential 2018 show in Denver, the Aergility booth (3136A), showed a new multirotor electric autogyro design that uses 8 rotors with large props mounted in double pods on the upper perimeter of the aircraft. This remarkable machine, propelled by an aft pusher prop, flies like an autogyro! The 8 forward propellers, aka rotors, generate lift based on horizontal airflow. Our understanding is that famed aerobatic heli pilot Bobby Watts contributed to the development of this design.

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