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HitecRCD (Hitec) has been a world leader in RC model servos for over three decades, and, today, it offers a mature line of industrial actuators, as well. Since 1983, Hitec has introduced uncounted new servo features, ranging from micro-form factors that accelerated the electric flight revolution in the 1990s to fully digital magnetic position sensor technology, brushless servo motors and water-tight cases, among many other enhancements.

Hitec is also well-known for its telemetry systems and a diverse range of chargers and power system accessories. It’s 2003 acquisition of Germany’s Multiplex, given that company's sophisticated and diverse product line of RC radios and accessories, enabled the best technologies of both firms to be combined. This led to new and powerful solutions for hobby and research markets, not to mention diverse industries, worldwide.

Hitec continues to break new ground in servo technology and is leading the development of new business markets by offering innovative actuator solutions spanning agriculture, construction, military applications, municipal traffic management and planning, terrain mapping and much more. HitecRCD is a world leader in providing servos and actuators for hobby and industrial markets, and, today, offers more innovative technology in this arena than any other company we are aware of. This makes Hitec a key contributor to the

Consider the range in Hitec actuator capabilities, from analog to digital, with many being fully programmable. The Hitec HS-35HD UltraNano Servo for RC modelers weighs only 4.5 grams, and at a nominal operating voltage of 4.8 ~ 6.0 Volts DC, offers a maximum torque of 0.08 kg. / cm., or 11.0 oz- in. However, the Hitecnology SG29Bl industrial actuator, at 9.0 – 15Volts DC, offers a peak torque of 67.3 ~ 82.08 kg-cm, or 935 ~ 1140 oz-in.! The Hitecnology SG33BL industrial actuator, at 9.0 – 15Volts DC, offers an amazing peak torque of 110 ~ 146 kg-cm, or 1527 ~ 2027 oz-in.!

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6th grade teacher Brian Cook incorporates both literature and media reports into his aeronautics curricula, all to impart a better comprehension of flight and its intellectual dimensions. Brian notes that the best learning outcomes for his students happen: “when we give kids the opportunity to become creators – bringing to life something they’ve read about in fiction or informational texts but haven’t yet experienced themselves.”

In his mission to open new horizons for his students, Brian adds, “Students were curious about these operators who were actually being paid to fly ‘toys.’ This 21st century occupation fell outside the traditional Maryland College and Career Readiness (CCR) standards, and I wanted my students prepared to consider this new career option.”

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Using GPS waypoint navigation, drones in the U.K. have completed a full season farming agricultural cycle, including sowing, fertilizing, sampling and harvesting, reported LiveScience.com. This pioneering work appears to be a harbinger of the future of agriculture.

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Furhat Robotics, a Swedish startup, is developing a socially interactive robot that speaks from its fur-capped animatronic head. Interacting in real-time with humans, it also projects human expressions onto its face, with a demeanor appropriate to its remarks. The team has high hopes this technology will revolutionize human-machine interface development.

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Microsoft is investing in quantum computing hardware and software R&D. Microsoft plans to provide developers with tools that will allow them to experiment with the new quantum computing paradigm on their existing machines. It looks like quantum computing, decades after it was conceived, will finally be available to usher in a new era in computing that will enable researchers to address a vast new arena of potential solutions for problems in materials science, artificial intelligence, and much more.

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