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The “Unmanned Experts FAA Part 107 Academy” for New UAS Operators is Back, March 2017

As noted by the Academy, thanks to the FAA’s issuance of Part 107 regulations for small unmanned aircraft (UAS/drone) operations last August, all it takes is about two hours at an accredited FAA test center to pass the Part 107 exam and qualify for a commercial “Remote Pilot Airman Certificate.”  Exam takers must be prepared to demonstrate that they are ready to operate safely and in full compliance with FAA regulations in the US airspace. Please note that the cost of the Academy’s course preparation and presentation has been designed to meet the client’s budget.

Thanks to CDR David Place (USN/Ret),

and Robin E. Alexander, President ATC

for their assistance with this report

Please contact David Place at the above email address to be added to his highly informative, FREE, ongoing blog on unmanned systems and robotics news, which was the source of this story.