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3W Introduces Engine “Kit Concept” for Customized UAV Power

Using 3W’s UAV motor kit concept, one can pick a motor block and add carburation or fuel injection, various prop hubs, telemetry, and further options for communications and control.  3W engines shown at Xponential featured dual ignition with independent redundant ignition systems, i.e., two spark plugs per cylinder. Two sparks give cleaner combustion and more power.  If an ignition system goes out, with two plugs, the engine will continue running.  3W also showed twin and single Wankel engines, all with dual sparks. 

Karl Schudt, managing director of Sky Power GmbH, a 3W engine line, further noted, “Thanks to the construction-kit principle, we can quickly and graphically illustrate to the customer the components of which his future engine will consist. An adaptation of the engine to the application area can thus be quickly visualized. We're convinced that an efficient, sustainable engine application can only come through application-specific engine designs. 3W-International's basic engine always stands at the centre here. We illustrate the overall principle on the new SP-110 FI TS engine.” Learn more at 3W's well-engineered website.

Our thanks to Lucien Miller, CEO of, for his assistance in the development of this article, and for photography.

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