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Asian Robotics Review: Global AI and Robotics R&D News

The most pivotal four years in the efflorescence of robotics that the world has yet seen is beginning to unfold. This unprecedented period of technology proliferation is projected to span 2017 – 2020, notes Tom Green, industry expert and founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of Asian Robotics Review (ARR). As one section, implores, “Don’t Forget India” and the important questions of how India’s brilliant technological expertise will converge with the work of the East Asian tech giants. You will find coverage of robotics in Australia and New Zealand, as well.

A year in planning, this new site is highly recommended and offers many articles written in a lively and highly informative tone.  Asian Robotics Review is a breath of fresh air in robotics reporting and essential reading for AI specialists, technology journalists, robotics professionals and all serious tech hounds. 

Don’t miss ARR’s projections for what to look for in robotics and IT in 2017.

Also, please note: Tom, formerly editor-in-chief of Robotics Business Review at EH Publishing, presented an industry overview at RoboBusiness 2016 in Silicon Valley, right before debuting ARR. Tom noted that China, Japan and Korea are at the forefront of the new robotics-based “4th industrial revolution.”  Tom recounted how Fanuc and Cisco created feedback loops that enabled “zero downtime” production, generating $80million in savings this year, alone.  He observed that other feedback loops in data collection revealed why parts fail and how to manufacture better products as the factory floor evolved into a research laboratory. View Tom Green’s fascinating talk, here.

Learn more about Tom’s remarkable background here.