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Combat Robotics Update: Brian Nave’s Captain Shrederator

Watch the 2-minute, 24-second video clip, produced by Blooper Sphoof, here, and you’ll see some remarkable Captain Shrederator combat highlights!  

Brian Nave, Captain Shrederator designer and driver, is a degreed engineer and entrepreneur who founded and owns LOGICOM, and Adept Automatics, which are Florida-based international industrial robotics firms.  Brian’s LOGICOM website notes: “If you can dream it... we can design it, engineer it, build it, program it, document it, and train your operators to run it!”  LOGICOM conceives, manufactures and supports all types of Control Systems, including Motion Control and Process Controls.  The firm also offers 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional CAD, and provides design layouts and virtual machine models.  

Among other applications, LOGICOM is experienced designing, supporting and maintaining a full range of manufacturing and maintenance machinery for the railroad industry.  With diverse tooling and pressing options, LOGICOM offers its clients benefits such as highest, unparalleled accuracy, faster cycle times, and reduced maintenance and handling.  These increase reliability and consequent production line efficiencies.  Notably, LOGICOM provides on-site engineering, diagnostics and troubleshooting of mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components.  Photos and story courtesy of LOGICOM; our thanks, also, to Blooper Sphoof, which produced the Captain Shrederator video clip.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Would you like to see your company’s logo on the side of Captain Shrederator, and/or on Brian’s LOGICOM and Facebook pages as a sponsor of Captain Shrederator and this pro-STEM competitive sport that teaches participating students math, electronics, teamwork, sportsmanship and applied physics?  Would Captain Shrederator make an attractive exhibit at your next corporate event or in your company’s booth at a trade show?  Brian invites potential sponsors to reach out to discuss very affordable win-win marketing partnerships; email anytime at briannave[at]yahoo[dot]com or call during EST business hours: (386) 227-6283.