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Hitec Commercial Solutions at Xponential 2018!

Markets for aerial drones range from municipal management and infrastructure inspection to agriculture.  In the farming industry, Hitec’s XENO FX fixed wing drone will be invaluable in mapping and observing crop health and moisture levels to better enable farmers to irrigate and fertilize crops.

The modular payload enables sensor camera packages for specific applications to simply snap in and out of the payload bay.  Aerial photography can involve straight RGB imaging or multi-spectral sensors that detect different light frequencies that reflect crop and ground conditions, and more. Agricultural properties are huge, and the advantage in this technology inheres in the large volume of aerial coverage data the XENO FX can provide per mission. The XENO is competitively priced in this emerging market. For details, please visit

Our thanks to Lucien Miller of for his assistance in producing this news update.

Photos by Lucien Miller and Tom Atwood.