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IBM Giving Away 1,500 DJI Drones to Inspire Developers to “Code Something Amazing”!

As stated on Dronelife, “Here is how the giveaway works:

• Step 1: Visit the contest page, click “Enter now,” and sign up for your free IBM Cloud to be in the running.

• Step 2: On Tuesdays between now and June 16, 2019, watch the IBM Developer Twitch channel and check your email. Each week, we’ll randomly select a group of winners who will receive a DJI Tello drone, full access to code patterns for drone programming, and a nice surprise or two.

• Step 3: Code something amazing with open source patterns. Complete a series of challenges, using tools like Node-RED and IBM Watson Visual Recognition, Watson IoT, IBM Cloud, and IBM Data and Analytics, to create a drone application that makes a difference in your community. Showcase your work on social using #IBMDroneDrop.”

For details, please visit: IBM Developer Drone Giveaway