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Leading Robotics Technologies Dazzle at Xponential 2018!

Xponential 2018 offered a large variety of educational programming, seminars and workshops.  Leaders in automation from dozens of countries showed off the latest advances in machine intelligence and hardware platforms across commercial and military domains.  NREF was there photographing the exhibitor floor and will soon post a photo gallery of the largest collection of robots under one roof we’ve ever seen!

Here are a few “teaser” photos that suggest the scope of land, sea and air robotics systems exhibited at this year’s Xponential! These include the Houston Mechatronics Aquanaut, Sensys Target Drone, NAVMAR Applied Sciences TigerShark XP, Ghost Robotics Quaqdrupeds with miniature UGVs and a quadcopter, and c-Link Systems Forager search & rescue UGV.