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Market Leading European Tethered Drone Firm Elistair to Open Boston Office

Elistair tethered UAV’s and tether stations are designed for use across a range of sectors, including:

SAFE T 2: The latest and most powerful tether station in the Elistair range, offering extended flight time to commercially available UAVs. 

LIGHT T 4: A compact, rapidly deployable tether station for long endurance missions. It is compatible with a wide range of off-the-shelf drones, including the new DJI M300.

Orion UAS: A semi-autonomous tethered drone developed as a turn key solution for long endurance missions. Equipped with day and night payloads, Orion offers a powerful and flexible surveillance capability.

Photo captions:

1. Timothée PENET and Guilhem DE MARLIAVE, Elistair’s CTO and CEO.

2. The tether is unreeled from this Elistair ground unit.

3. Orion image courtesy of Air Force Technology.

4. Semi-cutaway view of tether reel, image courtesy of Elistair.

5.You Tube Video screengrab: SAFE-T 2 – The New Standard for Tethered Drone Stations.

6. Orion after a tethered flight, courtesy of Elistair.

7. Orion after a tethered night flight, courtesy of Elistair.

For more information about Elistair and its products, please visit and get the latest developments on Linkedin @elistair. Press contact: Marie-Charlotte Fayot - m.fayot[at]elistair[dot]com - +33 761 147 853