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New NVIDIA Robot Kits Advance the State of the Art

As noted on the NVIDIA website, NVIDIA teaching kits “contain everything instructors need to teach full-term curriculum courses with GPUs in machine and deep learning, robotics, accelerated/parallel computing, and a variety of other academic disciplines.”

“‘Jet’ is a smart, autonomous robot utilizing Actobotics components and is based on the powerful NVIDIA Jetson embedded development platform. Jet’s brain is built around the revolutionary NVIDIA Tegra® SoC and uses the same NVIDIA computing cores designed into supercomputers around the world. This gives Jet compute-intensive computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), and self-driving capabilities in a low-cost package…  'Jet' utilizes the Robot Operating System (ROS) for abstraction, [and] scales from K-12 projects to real industrial applications.” Photo of TX1 ‘Jet’ courtesy of ServoCity.

The new robots can be purchased here:

The robots are in active use, e.g., at this high school camp:

We recommend that educators, programmers and serious hobbyists visit NVIDIA’s remarkable site to take a closer look at these new robots. Educational discounts are available.