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North Dakota Drone Development Expanding

With the release of relatively unrestrictive commercial drone regulations by the FAA, drone development firms have flocked to North Dakota to test, fly and refine prototypes for use in a wide variety of still emerging applications.  At the Grand Forks Air Force Base, an instructor prepares to discuss the SandShark UAV. Photo courtesy of Tim Gruber, NY Times.

To fly commercial unmanned systems of any configuration in ND, you must pass a written test, be over 16 and not fly in restricted areas such as near airports or above 400 feet.  And yet the call of business beckons to uncounted companies to exploit the not so very demanding requirements in this new entrepreneurial birthing ground for UAS business.

The numerous unforeseen but now-hatching original, new applications for drone technology are fascinating.  This will be viewed in retrospect as a curiously fascinating time of drone efflorescence.