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Ocean Infinity Partners with NOAA in U.S. Offshore Exploration & Mapping

 “The NOAA-Ocean Infinity partnership will play a key role in helping NOAA reach its goal of fully mapping the U.S. EEZ and characterizing ocean environments to support their conservation, management, and balanced use,” said Alan Leonardi, Ph.D., director of the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. 

Based in Houston, Texas, Ocean Infinity was founded in July 2017, and has a remarkable history. South Korea contracted with Ocean Infinity to search for the wreck of the Stellar Daisy freight transport, and in early 2019 the firm retrieved the voyage data recorder.  In July 2019, Ocean Infinity located the Minerve, a French submarine that disappeared half a century earlier. View the Ocean Infinity website to learn more about the company’s deepwater exploration successes, and don’t miss their video!