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Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - Today's top stories from The Robot Report. Click over to the site to read these and all the other articles, directories, global maps and events calendar.

•  Mobility, grasping and collaboration at Automate and ProMat shows - Three articles that sift through the 1,250 exhibitors to report on products and technologies companies are buying.

•  CBS News outlines jobs and robotics debate; Intl Federation of Robotics fills in gaps - Does the deployment of robots increase overall jobs? Or reduce them?

•  Vertical farming boasts 130 times more productivity using 95% less water - Are those figures real? Is this a viable alternative to row-crop farming?

•  Fundings, acquisitions and IPOs continue to grow - March saw 29 startups get over $222 million along with eye-popping billion-dollar acquisitions.

•  42 companies providing robots and accessories that collaborate with humans - One research firm predicts that 30% of all new robots will be smart collaborative robots as early as 2018.

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