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Steve Trimble of AviationWeek.com reported November 18 from the Dubai Airshow that the Chinese exhibited a prototype ornithopter drone dubbed the “Orthopaedist’s Ornithopter,” as branded on the founding company’s business cards. Beijing-based Implant Aircraft Co. Ltd. is testing multiple versions of the machine, which is privately developed but intended for the Chinese military. The goal is a noiseless, tactical drone with a 2-hour endurance.

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From leaked photos of the much-anticipated DJI Mavic Mini to an up-close view of the new Jupiter Tricopter, a “game changing UAS”, the latest edition of David Place’s Unmanned Systems News (USN) is a must-read packed with these stories and much more. Btw, in this release, David noted in his intro: "ALCON - A SPECIAL THANK YOU to all of you Veterans who have served, or are currently serving, our great country! I sincerely hope that each of you enjoy a terrific Veterans Day and thanks again for your service! Please find attached the current edition of my Unmanned Systems News which includes the title of the original article, a couple of relevant sentences to pique your interest and a hyperlink to the original article. I hope that you find this compilation useful. This is my THIRTY-FOURTH newsletter for calendar year 2019, hence the designation # 19 - 34." We echo David's Veterans Day wishes to our servicemembers! Given the rich content in this edition of USN, NREF is posting David's entire USN#19-34 edition, below. You can subscribe to the free USN newsletter simply by emailing David Place—and we highly recommend it!

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November 8, 2019 SOUTHFIELD, MI – Five Lawrence Technological University students and LTU computer science professor CJ Chung will work with a Korean auto parts company and a Russian tech giant to create a taxi service from Detroit’s TCF Center to downtown Detroit hotels for the 2020 North American International Auto Show in June.

LTU will assist Hyundai Mobis, the parts and service arm of the Korean automaker, and the Russian technology company Yandex, in the development of 10 four-passenger sedans in the largest demonstration to date of Yandex’s robotic taxis in the United States. The vehicles will be programmed to take passengers to their destinations, although there will be a driver who could take control if needed.

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A new robot is showing promise to control lionfish, an invasive species that is in the water of the Bahamas and spreading south. The Guardian can dive hundreds of feet below the surface and stun lionfish with electrodes, then suck them into a holding tank. As it happens, the lionfish is a big hit on restaurant menus. The Guardian was developed by renowned roboticist inventor Colin Angle, who also developed the Roomba. Angle launched the “Robots in Service of the Environment” nonprofit to support the project. With no natural predators and with potent venom, lionfish can reduce the fish population around a coral reef by as much as 79%.

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The shape of things to come may include self-assembling bridges that then disassemble into interchangeable pieces termed “smarticles”. Swarms of smarticles might then move on to reassemble at another time and place into a building or other structure of utilitarian use for the military in the field. As sci-fi as this sounds, smarticles R&D is well underway.

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