1.8lb. Robot Peregrine Falcon Clears Birds from Farnborough Airshow

Robird passed validation trials, permitting its use at the Farnborough Airshow, being  held now and for the next several days in England.  The robot peregrine falcon, and a larger bald eagle version, mimic the ability of real birds of prey to clear the skies of birds in their hunting areas -- which the fleeing birds learn to avoid. 

Birds naturally flock together and leave an area as a group. This is best done with an ornithopter, or flapping wing aircraft, as the beat cadence of the wings tips off birds that danger is in the air.  The two sizes of Robirds will repel birds of practically all species, making the skies at an airshow much safer for pilots. Clear Flight Solutions of the Netherlands, together with British partner 3iC and its French partner Pilgrim Technology will be demonstrating their Robirds at Farnborough in the outside exhibit area near the threshold of runway 24.