$50 Chip-Based Lidar Promised by Draper

Noting the emergence of lidar technologies from multiple firms,  SPAR 3D.com reported:  “Latest among these players is Draper, a not-for-profit R&D company which is developing a solid-state lidar sensor expected to cost $50 when produced at scale. The sensor will have a range of 300 meters, an angular resolution of less than 0.1 degrees, and a scan rate of 20 frames per second… Draper’s lidar is also slightly different from most solid-state lidar sensors on the market. Leveraging its background in integrated photonics, the company developed its sensor to use Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS). Where a majority solid-state technologies use an optical phased array to direct the emitted laser, MEMS technology uses microscopic moving mirrors.”