Aeolus Robotics Launches Dual-Arm Humanoid Mobile Robot for Multiple Tasks

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Aeolus Robotics introduced aeo, a dual-arm humanoid robot that can perform several service tasks, including delivery, security, eldercare, kiosk operation and ultraviolet germicidal disinfection. The company said its hands-on approach to service combines mobility with advanced functionality to perform tasks such as opening doors, picking up objects, and riding elevators.

The company said aeo is available as a robot-as-a-service (RaaS), and features plug-and-play attachments and integration with third-party developers, such as Asratech of Japan and Malibu AI in Taiwan. The dual arms have seven degrees-of-freedom (DOF), which allow aeo to perform tasks such as delivery or disinfection with one arm, while the other arm is free for mobility tasks such as operating elevators or opening doors. The aeo includes third-generation arms created by Aeolus that include an eight-pound single-arm lift capacity. The company said its vision algorithms provide several capabilities, from determining the posture and position of a human for eldercare safety, to detecting open windows or misplaced backpacks in a security setting.  Watch a video here, and visit for details.