Aeronautics unveils Orbiter 4 tactical UAS with VTOL kit

Aeronautics has announced a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) kit for the Orbiter® 4.  Orbiter® 4 is an advanced multi-mission flying wing with versatile mission and endurance capabilities for land and maritime operations. The VTOL kit takes the form of two nacelles, one positioned on each wing, each with two rotors for vertical lift.  Matan Perry, Aeronautics Group's chief marketing officer and vice-president of sales, told Janes that the rotor blades have electric motors and are powered by a battery pack, rather than drawing from the onboard system.  In order to accommodate the VTOL kit, the Orbiter 4's airframe needs to undergo modification, after which users can fit or remove the kit in the field, Perry said. The rotor blades are only engaged during take-off and landing. In its standard configuration, the aircraft is launched from a rail unit and recovered via a parachute system and an airbag. The VTOL capability has been introduced to provide additional flexibility to operators, Perry added. 

-Wingspan: 5.4 m
-MTOW: 50 kg
-Payload weight: 12 kg
-Max. speed: 70 kts
-Datalink: LOS, up to 150 km.
-Service ceiling: 18,000 ft.
-Endurance: up to 24 hrs
-Simple assembly and rapid turnaround for bigger-body UAV
-C4I: Shared real-time intelligence based on image reception and manipulation
-Engine: spark ignition (SI) fuel-based propulsion with multi- fuel capability
-Six autonomous flight modes
-Operability in harsh weather conditions, under-cloud base
-Stabilized triple sensor: day, night (cooled IR) with laser designation
-Photogrammetric mapping (HDLite)

-Land and maritime intelligence gathering, communications relay
-Artillery fire management and bomb damage assessment (BDA)
-Communications Intelligence (COMINT)
-Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)
-Electronic warfare (EW)
-Strategic facilities security
-Border patrol and reconnaissance, Search and Rescue, and emergency response
-Deep sea and coastal reconnaissance, offshore facilities security
-Ship self-defense for any vessel type, gun fire direction and BDA
-Target acquisition for precision-guided weapons 

Our thanks to Robin E. Alexander, President ATC, alexander technical[at]gmail[dot]com, for her assistance with this report.