Agility Robotics Gears Up to Produce 10K Humanoid Robots Annually for Warehouse and Logistics Handling

Agility Robotics has unveiled the next generation of Digit, “the first human-centric, multi-purpose robot made for logistics work.” Digit, initially announced in 2020, is designed to do useful work safely in spaces designed for people, starting with bulk material handling within warehouses and distribution centers. The firm has set a target of producing hundreds of Digit robots in the first year after its launch, and eventually, it plans to scale production to around 10,000 robots yearly at its RoboFab 70,000 square foot facility in Salem, OR. Once fully operational, RoboFab is expected to have over 500 employees. Digit robots will also play a role at the new factory, performing tasks similar to those at Agility's customer sites, which involve moving, loading, and unloading totes. “Not only are we building the world’s first factory for humanoid robots, but we’re doing so in the United States about 30 miles from our engineering center, which is fantastic for setting us up to scale quickly,” said Andrea Campbell, the COO. With the establishment of the new manufacturing facility, customers enrolled in the Agility Partner Program (APP) can anticipate the delivery of the initial Digits in 2024, while the general market availability is slated for 2025. Watch a video, here. Images courtesy of Agility Robotics. Visit Agility Robotics for more information.