AI and Machine Learning’s Growing Role in U.S. Army Operations

As noted by, AI provides the best of computing without the frailties of human reasoning: “Military electronics designers are asking a lot from AI today. We want it for rudimentary jobs like helping manned and unmanned aircraft navigate to and from their mission areas, and making sure the right equipment is on the battlefield to supply the troops. We also want artificial intelligence for new endeavors like ferreting-out fact from potential enemy propaganda in news reports, deploying new control surfaces on aircraft to make the most of aerodynamic efficiency, and evading enemy attempts to jam tactical communications.”  The military is seeking cyber-hardened high-performance embedded computing, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning solutions. AI and machine learning signal processing systems are reportedly in initial development. Photos courtesy of U.S. Army Combat Command and Military Aerospace.

Thanks to CDR David Place (USN/Ret), davidplace47[at]gmail[dot]com, and Robin E. Alexander, President ATC, alexander technical[at]gmail[dot]com, for their assistance with this report, the background for which appeared in their  # 20 - 17 - 23 AUGUST 2020 edition of the UNMANNED SYSTEMS NEWS (USN).

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