Applied Aeronautics Albatross BVLOS Autonomous UAV

Applied Aeronautics’ Albatross UAV is a long range fixed wing drone that was purpose built to be one of the most efficient, affordable and scalable Group 2 UAS platforms on the market. Boasting over 4 kg of available payload space and a 4 hour flight time, the Albatross UAV is designed for long range BVLOS missions such as aerial surveying, search and rescue and surveillance. The Albatross UAV is compatible with many commercially available payloads and sensors. Applied Aeronautics works with leading manufacturers such as Micasense, NextVision and FLIR to deliver actionable aerial data to end users. The Albatross is also NDAA compliant and compatible with leading autopilots like Pixhawk, and Skynode from Auterion.

The Albatross was designed over a 2 year period in the USA; this included the design of proprietary airfoils. All systems are custom built at our facilities in Austin, TX. The Albatross UAV is entirely autonomous from takeoff to landing, and is compatible with intuitive waypoint based PX4 flight planning software. Operators can plan missions, track progress in real time, and survey mission results directly from base stations. Click here for detailed specifications. Our thanks to Robin E. Alexander, President ATC, alexander technical[at]gmail[dot]com, for her assistance sourcing this report.