Bridgestone to Showcase "Smart Corner" Digitally Connected Tires and Air Springs for EVs at CES 2023

Bridgestone will demonstrate its comprehensive vision for sustainable mobility at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 5-8. At CES 2023, Bridgestone will showcase "Smart Corner" digitally connected tires and air springs for electric and autonomous vehicles, as well as renewable natural rubber and tire recycling, and will offer a digital concierge experience for personal and fleet vehicle management. 

The ENLITEN EV Concept Tire and the Firestone Airide Concept EV Air Spring feature integrated sensors collect air pressure, temperature and accelerometer data that, when combined with Bridgestone's proprietary data analytics technology, can inform vehicle systems with real-time estimations of corner loading, road surface conditions and performance capabilities of the tire and spring systems. The technology is designed to maximize safety in electric and autonomous vehicles, extend product life, and deliver improved sustainability for the zero-emission, carbon-neutral future of mobility. Bridgestone is co-developing tire recycling technologies with Firestone Airide as part of its EVERTIRE INITIATIVE.  

The solution combines premium Bridgestone tires and Firestone Airide air springs that are engineered specifically for electric and autonomous vehicle applications. The Smart Corner solution uses embedded, cloud-connected sensors in both the tires and air springs, enabling Bridgestone to deliver real-time and predictive insights that elevate safety, efficiency and productivity.
The renewable source of natural rubber Bridgestone plans to use is derived from the guayule plant, which produces a form of natural rubber. Guayule is a desert shrub native to arid regions of the U.S. and Mexico and requires 40% less water than crops such as alfalfa and cotton, grown today in the American southwest. 

The ENLITEN EV Concept Tire is paired with Firestone Airide Concept EV Air Springs, designed as part of the integrated corner system tire to optimize efficiency and ride quality. The air spring enables vehicle ride-height adjustment to maximize aerodynamic efficiency, improve user accessibility and protection of underfloor components in urban and off-road environments. To learn more, visit the Bridgestone website here.