Clone Robotics Artificial Muscles Presage an Android Future

The artificial muscle under development at Clone Robotics is to the best of our knowledge intended for use in a humanoid robot that will be an assistant to human beings. As noted by Clone, the artificial muscles robotic arm developed at Clone Robotics "is operated by water and consumes 200W at peak. The hand weighs 1kg (2,2 lbs) and the dumbbell weighs 7kg (15,6 lbs). The portable power supply and valves have complete controllability of speed contraction and can compress the whole powering system. The movement sequence was written and sent by simple commands to the hand. Clone is accepting pre-orders for both the (beta) Clone Hand and the Clone Torso, which includes two full arms from shoulder to fingertips." 

Clone Robotics is one of many firms who are chipping away at developing the technologies needed for future humanoid robots. The most notable such firm perhaps is Elon Musk's group, as we reported in a review of the comments of engineers critically reviewing the recent demonstration of Musk’s Optimus Humanoid.  Images courtesy of Clone Robotics. Visit their Facebook page here.