A Closer Look: Ghost Robotics at Xponential 2022

At the recent Xponential 2022 trade show and convention held in Orlando, FL, in late April, it was our pleasure to interview Michael Subhan, chief marketing officer at Ghost Robotics, at their very busy exhibit booth. The company's Vision 60 Q-UGV has hit the world by storm, and has been featured on many robotics news sites, including Robotics-World, and Sam Eckholm's Youtube channel that specializes in military news and technology.

Subhan noted that in working with soldiers, firefighters and police officers, the Ghost Robotics Vision 60 Q-UGV will not only protect human lives, but also canine lives. Using its onboard sensors and cameras, which can be customized for particular applications, the Vision 60 will complement the dogs traditionally employed to identify improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and suspicious packages. It will also be available to complement K9s that have traditionally worked in dangerous environmental disaster areas resulting from floods, earthquakes and firestorms.

The Vision 60 Q-UGV is a physically agile quadruped robot, and is uniquely capable of navigating and traversing rough outdoor terrain. It can be equipped with custom end effectors to deal with emergencies at critical infrastructures. It is in active use for perimeter security at Tyndall Air Force Base near Panama City, Fla., and is also used by the Portland Air National Guard Base in Portland, Ore. The company said it expects to see Ghost Robotics Q-UGVs working in many more contexts across society in future years. A proponent of STEM education, Subhan noted that the Ghost Robotics dog will excite and enthuse kids about technological careers, as well.

Ghost Robotics is headquartered in Philadelphia, where manufacturing of the robots also takes place. For additional details on the company and its robots, visit the Ghost Robotics website. Photos show the Vision 60 Q-UGV pivoting in a circle, and peering into the camera lens at Xponential 2022, and in various outdoor environments. This story was originally posted on Kerrwil Media’s Robotics-World, where additional breaking robotics news is constantly updated—check it out!