CTEST LABS Interviews Tom Atwood on his Magazine Career

Tom Atwood, Executive Director of the National Robotics Education Foundation, in late June was interviewed by Tracey and Cameron Hughes, founders of CTEST Laboratories, on his career in aviation and robotics magazine publishing. Since 1990, Tom has founded, co-founded and edited magazines and related websites covering radio control (RC) hobbies, full-scale aviation and robotics. The interview includes entertaining footage ranging from latest robot dogs and full-scale autonomous boats to historical footage of the MythBusters experimenting with RC models. It also delves into how the rising internet impacted the RC industry and special-interest print magazines Tom edited. Watch this easy-going personal retrospective on RC, Robotics and magazines here.

Our sincere thanks to Tracey and Cameron Hughes, founders of CTEST Laboratories and authors of multiple books on STEM-related robot programming, for orchestrating and producing this interview.  CTEST Laboratories is a non-profit facility dedicated to the applied research and development of epistemological software systems with a particular focus on environmental monitoring, robotics, and embedded knowledge inference devices.