The Drone that can Hover Continuously for Weeks

Boston-based CyPhy Works has launched a commercial version of the Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC) hexrotor – a multirotor drone that can stay aloft for weeks at a time. Designed for IRS (intel, recon and surveillance) as well as long distance communications, it is powered via a microfilament tether that is a data and control link. It cannot be jammed or spoofed. With a tethered flight ceiling of 500 feet (10,000 feet density altitude), PARC can fly in continuous wind or gusts up to 25-35 knots. It carries a high definition day/night camera and other optional sensors. Crowd control payloads can include spotlights, pepper spray or tasers; payload power is 35 watts. PARC includes an on-board battery for a safe landing if the tether is cut. Tether power can come from the grid or generator (2KW 85-265 VAC). More