Elistair ORION Tethered Drone Ensures Crowd Safety at Ryder Cup 2018

The deployment of the tethered drone was carried out by the security branch of French company Delta Drone, with support from Elistair.  The system surveils an impressive 193 hectares with a minimal logistical footprint. Security at this event included 800 police officers, firemen, police dog teams, independent security services as well as deployed anti-drone technology.  The control room had on-demand access to aerial views of the entrance, greens, stands and the grounds perimeter.  This enabled the security forces to prevent intrusions, detect any incidents from their inception and monitor crowd flow -- all of which help the authorities ensure crowd safety.

Elistair is a leader in the tethered drone field for military, emergency services and private security actors.  The firm has systems deployed on 5 continents and in over 40 countries.  Elistair's references include the French Defence Agency, the Thales Group (multinational security), the U.S. Army, the U.K. police, Total, Paris Airports, Securitas (Sweden-based multinational security group), ENGIE (French multinational energy company), and Vodaphone (U.K.-based telecom multinational). Details are available here.