First “Great Ideas in Robotics” Webcast features Hanson Robotics!

Tom offers the viewer his uplifting perspective:

“We live in a hyperloop of robotics ideas and innovation. Blink, and a lot will pass you by. Keep an eye on what’s happening, and you’ll understand it all. Seriously!  These great ideas are disruptive, transformative…and necessary. If we can get close to these ideas and understand their intentions, we can, as humans have done for millennia, adapt and evolve and master each new wave of technological change.  Every great new idea is like an alien arriving on Earth for the very first time. We need to step out, meet it, greet it, understand it and then integrate it into our way of life and living.

“Great Ideas in Robotics is a new breed of online talk show/webcast programming that actively goes on the hunt looking for these great new ideas, finds them and the brainiacs behind them, and then brings it all back to you.” See an interview with David Hanson of Hanson Robotics on Tom's first episode of Great Ideas in Robotics, here:

Tom’s Great Ideas in Roboticst!