In a First, Laser-Guided Rocket Fired from Robotic Combat Vehicle

BAE Systems has announced that its Robotic Technology Demonstrator (RTD) successfully fired laser-guided rockets at multiple ground targets, with a human decision in the loop, during a recent U.S. Army tactical scenario at the Dugway Proving Ground in Falls Church, Va. The test marked the first time an Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) laser-guided rocket has ever been fired from a robotic combat vehicle, the company said.

The autonomous RTD meets the Army’s needs for a RCV medium solution, BAE said. Capable of performing multiple missions, the RTD incorporates a hybrid electric drive and can be equipped with advanced payloads, including electronic warfare sensors, various gun systems, anti-tank guided missiles, and 2.75-inch rockets through BAE’s APKWS laser-guidance kit. The company said it can also be fitted with loitering munitions to defeat armored and unmanned aerial threats. Ground-launched APKWS rockets give mounted units a capability to engage ground targets and UAVs at ranges up to six kilometers, BAE said. Example drone munition image courtesy of Janes. For details, please visit