Google, VA Tech Undertake Experimental Drone Deliveries

Alan Levin reports in Bloomberg Technology that the Virginia Tech campus will soon see a harbinger of drone deliveries to come, as an experimental project ensues for a few weeks.  Google’s “Alphabet Inc. Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.” will launch under the name Project Wing.  In summary, Virginia Tech and Google are undertaking the most extensive test, yet, of the drone-delivery business paradigm of the future.

The challenges are many, including that the test cargo is food.  It has to be transported without damage and kept at an appropriate serving temperature.  This is part of the newly emerging business paradigms emerging under the recently established FAA Part 107 regulatory framework.  Even has computerization of many practice areas begins reducing the jobs of various types of workers, the drone business represents huge opportunities for new jobs for uncounted thousands of budding drone pilots.  Photos courtesy of Alphabet Inc.