Guidance in Designing a Robot Face

As reported at, over 1/3 of the robot faces were black, and most have a mouth but no eyebrows, cheeks or nose. Circular eyes were the most popular, and only 1 in 10 had human-shaped eyes. Clusters were noted; one group had Baxter-like faces, and another, Eve-like Faces. Notably very simple faces were also popular, many with only eyes. Yumi, FURo-D, Buddy, and Datou were perceived to be the friendliest robots. The robots rated as most intelligent were FURo-D and Gongzi, while Sawyer, Buddy, and Datou were rated as least intelligent. Datou and FURo-D were deemed the most trustworthy, and Gongzi the least. The researchers delved far more deeply into the analysis than is suggested, here. For details see “Characterizing the Design Space of Rendered Robot Faces.