HAASTA, the Drone that Hunts Drones

Poland recently unveiled the HAASTA prototype for drone-on-drone warfare at Poland’s 2023 MSPO Defense Trade Show. HAASTA is a multi-role, hybrid-drive drone that is designed to hunt and destroy low velocity Shahed-type drones with an underbelly-mounted 5.45mm machine gun.  Designed through the Łukasiewicz Institute of Aviation in cooperation with Italian firm EuroTech, HAASTA has a wingspan of just under 13 feet, is 9.5 feet long, and can carry a payload up to 77 pounds inside its bay. HAASTA was shown in its “fighter” variation. A 20 HP ICE-electric hybrid engine powers the design, with reported speeds of 74 to 170 miles per hour and a ceiling altitude of 4+ miles. The system is designed to be launched from an air launcher and lands on a skid or gliding parachute, rather than requiring traditional airport infrastructure. The operating radius on paper is 30 km with standard radio, 80 km in a mesh system, or 170 km (LoS link with directional antennas). If connected to a satellite, the range is limited to fuel — with a maximum endurance of 10 hours. Able to penetrate air defenses, its potential applications also include surveillance, cargo transportation, photogrammetry, long-range reconnaissance, and diversion. HAASTA is currently in the concept demonstration phase. According to the Institute of Aviation representatives, the aircraft has successfully passed a series of flight tests and designers are hoping to attract customers for the future.  See Breakingdefense.com for details. Our thanks to CAPT Julio Gutierrez (USN/Ret), for his assistance with this report.