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Jim established his own successful business in 1982, providing aerial services to corporate B2B entities. His inventive nature and extensive flying prowess lead him to become a certified & insured UAS service pilot and instructor. Jim has logged over 1750 precision mapping missions, inspected over 2000 utility structures, and flown more than 2500 commercial and residential property shoots, as well as dozens of missions for creative projects involving both television and music videos.
Jim is also an instructor at Grossmont College in El Cajon, California. He has provided 850 hours of commercial instruction, as well as 550 hours of instructional field training and vetting for utility inspection crews. As a result of his training experience, Jim has issued 150 sUAS Utility Training Certificates.
With Jim leading the charge, Hitec Commercial Drone Services looks forward to providing impeccable training, precision aerial missions and comprehensive data collection to a variety of industries.

Jim Bonnardel – Field Services Director 
jim.bonnardel[at]hiteccs[dot]com – 858.737.9220 ext.302
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