HitecRCD’s New RDX2 1000 AC/DC Dual Port Charger/Discharger/Power Supply

Hitec has announced the release of the RDX2 1000 AC/DC Dual Port Charger/Discharger/Power Supply, a robust unit designed to charge, condition and maintain batteries used in a wide variety of teleoperated hobby and drone-scale cars, boats, fixed wing airplanes, helicopters, multirotors and hybrid eVTOLs that takeoff and land vertically but fly with fixed wings. With a sleek modern design and easy-to-transport handle, the RDX2 1000 is the AC/DC powerhouse suited to charging high-capacity battery packs at rapid rates. The dual output ports each offer 20 amps of power to simultaneously charge two batteries of any chemistry; or, you can pair the outputs to charge at rates of up to 35 amps.

The RDX2 1000 features an easy-to-use LCD interface display and handy push button controls, while the front-panel XT60 connectors and XH balance ports help keep wiring uncluttered. Its high charge and discharge rates for lowering resistance and improving power make it perfect for Stock Class racers. Accepting both 12V DC, and 100 – 240 volts AC, the RDX2 1000 is ideal for charging in the workshop or in the field, and perfect for ultra-fast charging of larger battery packs. Internal circuitry allows discharge rates up to 2 amps, and 40 amps when paired with the companion AD350 discharge module (sold separately). For details, please visit HitecRCD.