Hylio Looks to Transition U.S. Agriculture to U.S.-Manufactured Drones

China currently dominates the global commercial drone market, which is expected to reach $41.3B by 2026. The world's largest drone maker, Chinese firm DJI, holds the largest market share at 54%.  Chinese companies also produce the majority of UAV components in use worldwide.

Hylio is an American drone firm that is working to counter reliance on Chinese-made drones and drone parts.  Hylio states that it is the only “market-ready” company in the U.S. commercially producing drones that support domestic farming through precision deployment of fertilizers and pesticides, and by providing ongoing crop assessment data.  Additionally, Hylio’s drones have reportedly treated hundreds of thousands of acres across the globe. Market share chart courtesy of Thedronegirl.com, DJI Air 2S courtesy Techradar.com.