Inaugural Online AUVSI Automated Vehicles Symposium held 27-30 July

Collaborative sessions and plenaries were numerous, and included, e.g.:
-On-Road Automated Driving Standards Priorities and Emerging Work Topics
-Planning for Automated Vehicles: How to Plan for an Unknown Future
-Safely Engaged? Driver Monitoring and Management with L2/L3 Automation
-Remote Support to Accelerate ADS Deployment

A few of the presentations and group discussions painted a picture of the worldwide automated vehicle industry:
-Experts discussed strengths and weaknesses of different AV sensor systems, radar, laser, lidar, compound unified systems, and what has been learned in the first generations of their implementation.
-Distributed IT workforces are now accepted, some work from home, some in office, and we will likely see more and more pods of distributed working groups in different places.
-delivery robots are ubiquitous in Silicon Valley.
-Zoom offerings and supplementary software will greatly mushroom sooner than most may expect—stay tuned.
-One company reportedly ceased Zooming on Wednesdays, and found it gained overall productivity Thursdays and Fridays.

This brief overview includes a few randomly chosen graphics taken from videos that were part of live lectures and presentations. In a nutshell, the event was information-packed and illuminating. 
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