Israel’s Beresheet, World’s 1st Privately Funded Lunar Lander, Nears Destination

Beresheet will orbit Earth, gradually increasing its apogee until it can maneuver to be captured by the Moon's gravity. It will travel to the Moon's surface under its own power, a voyage taking nearly two months.  SpaceIL's four-legged lunar spacecraft, which was competing in the Google Lunar XPrize, will be the smallest spacecraft to land on the Moon, at only 180 kg. Once it has completed its mission, Beresheet will represent Israel's first spacecraft and the world's first privately funded spacecraft to reach the Moon. Its mission is to transmit photos and video of its new home and conduct scientific measurements. Upon the mission's completion, it will remain as a lunar time capsule commemorating this historic accomplishment. Images in order:
1. Beresheet Moon Capture,
2. Beresheet Earth photo April 5, 2019,
3. Prelaunch Beresheet with Engineers,
4. Beresheet Earth View Selfie,
5. Beresheet detail,
6. Beresheet Laser RetroreflectorArray,
7. 3D printed bracket from RUAG Space holds the lunar lander engine, all photos courtesy of RUAG. 

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