J.A.R.R.V.I.S. Robot Exoskeleton & Helmet Upgrade

Pierre Bouchard has been working on a full-size mechanical humanoid for some years and we have reported various updates in periodic news stories. In the last six months, Pierre has concentrated on a new exoskeleton that he wears and from which he can control the head and camera view of the J.A.R.R.V.I.S. humanoid.  

When Pierre moves with this exoskeleton, the humanoid robot moves in a biomimetic way through wireless communication.  The exoskeleton helmet provides a view from the JARRVIS 2G's head camera.  The exoskeleton's helmet enables remote swiveling of the robot's head in pitch and yaw axes.  You can watch a short video of the  humanoid here.  We will continue to provide updates from this interesting project that originates in Quebec, Canada.