New Career Option Shared with 6th Grade Students: Drone Piloting!

Among his key “takeaways” for consideration by educators:
 Course Levels: More students had skills using drones than I expected, whether it was playing with one at a store or having done a simulation on a video game system. Many students caught on very quickly. To improve, we are going to create beginning, intermediate, and expert classes to better serve our students.
 Coding: There are drone companies – Parrot Education is one – that are specializing in coding aspects that can be easily integrated into a school project like designing obstacle courses. It is another investment but also another engaging way to introduce coding to students.
 Teamwork: The best decision I made was adding our math teacher into the mix of drones because she instantly knew the math standards that aligned to our obstacle course drawings. She even interjected the idea of making our course using our school’s 3D printer prior to building it with PVC piping.
 #EduDrone Community: Our phrase EduDrone quickly became a hashtag picked up by Twitter users to connect an unofficial community of teachers who are implementing drones in school.

Find out more about Brian’s work, here.

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