New Rotrics DexArm Robot Arm!

The new Rotrics DexArm is an eye-opening addition to the array of table-top robot arms commercially available to hobbyists and professionals. Its 2D work area is larger than 8.3 X 11.7 inches (>210 X 297mm), and its 3D work space is larger than 8.6X8.6X14.9 inches (>220X220X270 mm). The DexArms I/O is designed to meet DIY needs.  Software functions include drawing, laser cutting/gray scale etching, and 3D printing. It works with PCs, MACs and Linux computers and JPG, PNG, SVG, STL and other image formats. The 4DOF hardware has a 500 gram payload capacity and its operational accuracy is stated to be precise to 50 microns. “With the modular design, it can be turned into a 3D printer, laser engraver and cutter, pen plotter even an AI assistant robot.“  Rotrics offered a Christmas special discount; visit for details.  Our thanks to Bill Griggs, CNC advocate, DIY mentor, multi-degreed teacher and podcast host, for his assistance with this story.  Follow Bill here:

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