October 2016 Japan NYC Startups: Meet the Humanoid Robot!

The “world’s first printable open-source humanoid robot” is being presented, tonight, as we go to press, at Pivotal Labs, in NYC. Check out this company dedicated to Japanese – U.S. start-up initiatives.

Meet the Humanoid Robot!

This is our 15th event, and we're thrilled to introduce a robotics startup from Japan. PLEN2 is the world's first printable open-source humanoid robot. The team behind PLEN will share us stories from behind the scenes and demo the bot. We will have a chance to play and test PLEN2 after. See you all there!

If you want to learn about cross-cultural business between US-Japanese markets, discover new technology, and meet other enthusiastic technologists, please come and join us at Pivotal Labs! (and hang out afterwards at a bar nearby)