Ottonomy.IO Introduces Customizable Ottobot 2.0 Delivery Robot

Ottonomy.IO has introduced Ottobot 2.0, a “best-in-class and friendly service fleet of fully autonomous robots” for food/beverage and retail contactless deliveries. Ottobot 2.0, a second generation autonomous delivery robot developed by Ottonomy Inc., uses a contextual navigation engine with detailed maps to navigate autonomously from day one in crowded and unpredictable environments. Features include:
- High accessibility. Package retrieval from these robots can be done by regular adults, kids, elderly and also by those with disabilities or on wheelchairs.
- Crab Mode Mobility. 4-wheel drive and steering for high maneuverability with zero radius turns for obstacle avoidance in tight spaces.
- Customizable cabins for various needs suited for Grocery deliveries, food and beverages and ecommerce packages. Customization includes maintaining insulated cabins or maintaining Hot and Cold temperatures or multiple compartments.
- Autonomous indoor/outdoor navigation enables fully autonomous delivery in airports, retail curbside and last mile deliveries.
- Contactless HRI (Human Robot Interaction) to enable high security and no-touch interaction compared to traditional PIN code based cabin access.
- Day and Night Operations using fusion of 3D LiDARs, multiple cameras, 3 layers of safety sensors to enable maximum operational uptime and fast charging. For a deeper dive into Ottobot 2.0, visit:$3-3m-in-seed-funding