Palm-Size Petoi Bittle Teaches STEM Robotics

Rosemary Hattersley recently posted a description of this cute robotic canine on The MagPi and noted that the Raspberry Pi microcontroller provides the robot dog’s controls and artificial intelligence.  At around $225 for the Bittle kit, this robot is aimed at adult tech enthusiasts. “Unlike robot toys marketed at children, Bittle is a quadruped with controllable legs. This makes it closer to a £1000+ Sony Aibo robot dog although the design nods to Boston Robotic’s industrial Spot robot. Bittle has an Arduino controller board for the legs, while Raspberry Pi adds AI elements to the build such as image recognition and tracking. Bittle backers receive components of the robot dog and can share their pet’s exploits with others on a dedicated forum.”
For details, click here. See more of Rosemary Hattersley’s posts here.

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