Parallax Releases the Propeller 2 Microcontroller!

Parallax has been a pioneering company in educational and hobby robotics for decades. It is well known for its BASIC Stamp line of microcontrollers, as well as its Boe-Bot, Activity Bot, Scribbler, Elev8 quadcopter and other robotics platforms. All are supported with robust educational materials.

Released by Parallax to early adopters in December, 2020, the Propeller 2 is a high-speed, multicore microcontroller that runs video, sensors, motors and more, all in parallel.  Parallax design engineer Chip Gracey reportedly worked on this design in the background for 14 years. The photos show a light array run by the Propeller 2 built by a 10-year-old robotics enthusiast. See also this short video: Getting WS2811 LEDs to work on a Propeller 2 microcontroller.  For more information, visit

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