Paramount Advanced Technologies Launches N-Raven Swarming UAV at IDEX

Paramount Advanced Technologies (PAT) has launched N-Raven, a long-range precision strike swarming unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system. Announced during the IDEX trade show in the United Arab Emirates on 22 February, N-Raven features intelligent “swarming technologies” combined with multiple munition loitering. “The 41 kg N-Raven has a cruise speed of approximately 180 km/hr and a loitering endurance time of approximately two hours. N-Raven swarm loitering munitions offer a variety of sensors with each being capable of carrying a 10–15 kg payloads up to a range of 250 km.”

The N-Raven is reportedly a way to bolster tactical situational awareness and precision strike capabilities while minimizing personnel risk and collateral damage.  Launchable from land-, air- and sea-based platforms, N-Raven can target both static and moving targets. The 41-kilogram UAV has a cruise speed of about 180 kph and a 2-hour endurance.  System sensors can detect, identify, locate and report targets. A field simulator option allows operators to rehearse missions. The UAV’s recording capabilities also benefit debriefing. Story and photos courtesy of and the Paramount Group.

Thanks to CDR David Place (USN/Ret), davidplace47[at]gmail[dot]com, and Robin E. Alexander, President ATC, alexander technical[at]gmail[dot]com, for their assistance with this report, the background for which appeared in their  # 21 - 5 - 27 FEBRUARY 2021 edition of the UNMANNED SYSTEMS NEWS (USN).

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