Pierce Aerospace Identifies Drones for Government, Business; Advises Healthcare Providers on Drone Potential to Fight COVID-19

Pierce Aerospace’s founder, Aaron Pierce, is a former volunteer EMT and the company has recently been involved in advising healthcare organizations on the potential for UAS to be used as an efficient and impactful tool in public health, like responding to COVID-19.

Bullock notes, “We are helping healthcare providers understand how to use UAS and Remote ID, in conjunction with other relevant technologies to ensure proper delivery of medicine, test kits, blood and supplies.”

The company is Indiana based and Bullock highlights Indiana’s leadership position and talent potential in unmanned vehicle and digital infrastructure technologies.  “From my company’s perspective, Indiana has an enormous amount of talent and resources we can recruit from and utilize to significantly grow the company in the years ahead,” Bullock said. “A lot of that talent traditionally goes to Silicon Valley. We aim to retain that talent here in the state as we continue to grow.”

Photo credits:

1.  Aaron Pierce, CEO of Pierce Aerospace, flies a drone to demonstrate a controlled low-altitude hover on a gusty day in Carmel’s Midtown Plaza. (Photo by Ben Stout)

2.  From left, Pierce Aerospace employees Andrew Lillie, Bailey Bowles and Aaron Pierce. (Photo by Ben Stout)

3.  Technology to identify drones in airspace. (Photo by Ben Stout)

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