Policing the Skies for Unwanted Drones

DARPA's new Dragnet program is designed to monitor all drones in the skies over any city. Initially conceived for military purposes, it’s ultimate use was never doubted as government agencies plot a path forward in the management of low altitude aircraft flying above municipalities.  How to identify and then manage unwanted surveillance drones is being addressed by DARPA at a Proposers Day Aerial Dragnet conference on September 26 in Arlington, Virginia. Registration nominally closed September 19.

DARPA hosts Proposers Days to promote teaming arrangements between researchers and provide information on how they can best respond to the Government’s R&D solicitations. Attendance is restricted to registered proposers.

A variety of companies are developing efficient, safe solutions for those charged with taking down drones. In this image Openworks Engineering, a DJI Phantom is about to be netted and captured. The net was fired from a bazooka-like shoulder-mounted gun that uses computerized optics for highly accurate sighting and tracking of targets.