PteroDynamics Flies Scaled-Up Transwing eVTOL

PteroDynamics has been making waves in the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft market with its innovative Transwing platform. And now, the company has released fresh video footage of its latest prototype. The video showcases a larger-scale version of the remarkable dihedral folding wing system that powers the Transwing. The aircraft has a 13.1 foot wingspan with a 6.6 foot fuselage and only has two propellers running when in flight with the remaining two kept folded back for use when landing or taking off. The PteroDynamics Transwing eVTOL maintains a relatively compact size in its present prototype phase, but is capable of being scaled up for commercial versions in the future. This could see models with space for 10 people or more to shift passengers between locations with ease. Watch a video of this remarkable aircraft here. For more details on the Transwing, see the update here.  See also our previous report on the Transwing prototype (last photo) from late 2021, here.

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