RoboBurger, The World’s First Burger Robot in a Box

RoboBurger is an artificially intelligent, self-operating and patented kitchen designed to include all of the processes of a restaurant at a fraction of the size. RoboBurger has a vending machine size footprint. It is plug and play, needing only an electric plug to function. RoboBurger uses a 5 Step Cooking Process, similar to what chefs use in a traditional restaurant. The robot is equipped with a complex, miniature kitchen consisting of a refrigeration system to keep ingredients fresh, a griddle to cook and a dishwasher system to allow the unit to self-clean, making it the first machine of its kind.  “A fresh, piping hot burger is delivered right off the grill, 30 seconds after it’s ready. That’s our secret to excellent taste. Say goodbye to heat lamp burgers and pre-heated patties.” Our thanks to Gene Beley and Doug Caldwell for their assistance with this news update. Learn more at