ROBOT FOOTBALL, born in Indiana, Expanding across the Midwest

To facilitate robotic play, teams are limited to 8 players each, and bonus points are awarded for completing passes.  The ball just needs to touch the receiving robot for a pass to be completed.  Like human football, robotic football is physically rough. Robots must be robust to withstand the hazards of play. Student helpers quickly replace spent batteries and pull robots off to the side to replace broken parts.  In the game shown, some of the plays are spectacular.  Notre Dame won this particular match by a landslide 51 to 9, though admitting Purdue had really kept Notre Dame “on its toes.”  To view the ROBOT FOOTBALL video, Click here.  The robot football video was posted by Kyle Smith at Bell Media on 2-18-18.  The video will be available on the Bell Media server as an MP4 downoad until 4-19-18. 

VisualEdge was also in attendance -- it provides game arenas, VEX and VEX-IQ competition systems (hardware and software), in Indiana as well as other states (see wall poster).   To learn more about Visual Edge, visit their website link above, or contact CEO Dan Ward, directly, at visualedge1[at]gmail[dot]com.  Tell him you learned about Visual Edge here!